Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black


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Product Description

The Anaerobic Trainer by Xiser since 1977

The original stair climbing simulator

The only stepper that can be used for sprint training HIT and Aerobic protocols
The lightest stepping machine on the market (13.5 lbs.)
Easily adjustable resistance
Assembles and disassembles for storage or travel in minutes
Supports 400 lb (181.5 kg) more than any other stepper on the market
Dimensions: L 21″ W 14″ H 4″ (Folded)
100% Made in the USA
Designed by PhD’s, not a marketing company
Biomechanically correct ergonomics
Perfect for the stand up desk

The Anaerobic Trainer by X-iser Diet and exercise are the main means to look younger and maintain optimum physical and mental health. • improve fitness • build muscle • burn fat • Boost metabolism • fight depression • reduce stress • insomnia • improve memory • posture • strengthen immune system • halt signs of aging like osteoporosis. Choose the right exercise regime and reward yourself with a more positive body image, increased confidence, energy, healthier sex drive and overall wellness. High intensity interval training HIIT offers superior muscle-building, fat-burning benefit. Trends like CrossFit, Spinning and the Tabata protocols are all easily done on the Anaerobic Trainer

Convenience and Reliability

Store practically anywhere

Hanging on the wall (like the piece of art that it is)

Under the furnature (rather than a clothes rack)

Leaning aaginst a wall

Or just keep it assembled under your desk

Bring it practically anywhere

Planes, trains, automobiles, trucks, boats, etc.etc. This machine can go anywhere you can go. You can even use it a t a standing desk.

Made in the USA

Made 100% in USA

Designed by a PhD

The best exercise machine is the one you use.

Less than a gym membership
saves time
virtually maintenance free

Correct form on the Xiser High Intensity Trainer

Stand on the assembled machine both pedals even. Begin with the whole foot placed on the pedal. Eventually progress to only having the balls of the feet on the pedals (this requires more balance).
Adopt a squat position (the ski position). Your back should be completely straight, weight focused straight down on the pedals.
As you step, Maintain a squat position, stomach and gluteus should be tight at all times, keep your torso and head completely motionless. NO BOBING! This will increase the intensity and strengthen the stabilizer muscles, improving balance and agility.
Imagine you are balancing a glass of water on your head *both feet should remain in contact with the pedals at all times; drive with one leg resist with the other (always push down and never lift up) After a one-minute bout, you should be out of breath and experiencing the “burn”

Grow Young Fast

Short burst vigorous anaerobic exercise can actually bring physical aging to a halt and even reverse it. Amazing!? Yes. New? No!

The greatest single benefit from high intensity training is the increased production of human growth hormone (HGH), which does not get produced with aerobic exercise alone. This is a byproduct of our evolutionary survival. We depended on short intense bursts of energy, hunting for a meal or avoiding being one. Subsequently, an increase in the intensity of training for our modern bodies produces an increase the production of HGH. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is far superior to any aerobic exercise. Increased HGH production has a systemic effect making our bodies look younger.

HGH effects:

look younger
muscle mass increase
increased bone density
healthier looking nails and hair
all internal organs receive a boost
eyes get brighter
for aging persons, human growth hormone is like magic

About Xiser Industries

Founded In 1977 Xiser Industries by Professor Juris Terauds, PhD

The inventor of the stepping machine for anaerobic high intensity training (HIT). The factory in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado manufactures the All American “High Intensity Trainer. The Xiser mission is to develop the optimum fitness training protocols for men and women and to develop the ultimate equipment for that type of training based on available and newly conducted university research on aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Cast Aircraft Alloy
Ergonomically Optimum Design
Light Weight 14 lbs.(Portable), NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
100% Made in USA Parts and Labor since 1977
The first stepping machine and only step sprint trainer on the market

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Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black


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